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Natalya Sots

Artist of Ceramic

Natalya Sots is an artist originally from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan but has lived in Chicago’s suburb of Schaumburg since 2002. She got started as an artist in high school when she worked at a ceramics factory where she decorated the dishes before they were glazed and fired. She continued this work while attending school at the University of Semipalatinsk where she completed a degree in Art Education. During her education, she was exposed to all media used by artists (pen and ink, oil on canvas, stone sculpture, pencil, etc.) but enjoyed oil painting the most. To this day she loves to paint with oil or acrylic paints, but due to space limitations since moving from Kazakhstan to Chicago’s suburb of Schaumburg and leaving almsot everything behind, has stayed with ceramics. 

Prior to graduation from University, she started working as an art teacher at a private art school in Pavlodar. She taught at the school from 1990 through 2002. While teaching, she was asked to develop a program for the younger children that would be interesting to them and also allow them to develop their skills and talents as emerging artists. She was given a course in ceramics as the medium to introduce these children to the wonderful world of art, and was asked to develop a program for it. She developed her technique and style while working on the program for kids. Many of her students have gone on to become interior decorators, architectural designers, and artists themselves as well as friends. Natalya's love for teaching children has led her to love creating fanciful artwork with bright colors. 


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